The Rods



  • Dream catcher27" Medium Heavy power with a fast action! Built from a solid carbon blank this rod stands up to the largest fish we target through the ice! Lake trout, giant Pike, wall hanging walleyes you name it and the Dream Catcher can catch it!


  • Reaper25" Medium power with a fast action. Solid Carbon blank. The Reaper is our go to rod when targeting large walleyes or ripping heavier baits. Theres still some tip action there for when you get that trophy fish to the bottom of the hole!


  • Aurora: 29" & 25" Medium light power with a fast action tip. Solid carbon blank. The Aurora is our most versatile rod! Whether your jigging for walleyes or perch this rod will do it all! The soft tip allows you to fish the lightest jigging spoons but the stiff back bone allows you to drive those hooks home! Theres not much the Aurora can't handle!


  •  Ghost: 21"  Solid fiberglass blank with flat tip technology. Flat tip offers you spring bobber like sensitivity but allows you to fish in the wind and still be able to detect bites! The Ghost will allow you to detect those subtle up bites from slab crappies but it still has loads of backbone to fight those hefty bass or northerns we always find ourselves catching while fishing for panfish!
  • Banshee: 25" & 29" Medium Light power moderate action. Solid fiberglass blank. The Banshee is a parabolic rod thats great for dead sticking or jigging for panfish!